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Archeology 101 is a short story which was published by Titan Magazines in Stargate SG-1/Atlantis The Official Magazine 8.

Publisher's Summary[]

Fandemonium author Martha Wells explores an archaeological dig gone wrong for Daniel in the first of our exclusive Stargate SG-1 short stories, set in season 2!

Chronological Placement[]

The events depicted in this adventure are set during season 2 of Stargate SG-1.


An official extract:

"So. Whatcha doing?" Jack O'Neill asked.

Crouched in the dirt beside a large stone block, surrounded by the tumbled pillars and shattered walls of the centuries-old ruin, Daniel Jackson didn't bother to glance up at him. "Archeology."

"Right." Jack breathed in deep, taking a moment to scan the open field, the grass dry and yellowed under the afternoon sun, the shadowed tree line on the surrounding hills that promised cool shade. Captain Samantha Carter was quartering the other section of ruins not far away, taking energy readings, with Teal'c standing guard on the slight rise that provided a good view of the surrounding area. The stargate stood on a low stone platform a little further down the valley, directly opposite the pile of ruins, framed by two tall conical pillars. It was all very picturesque. "Archeology," he repeated thoughtfully. "Oddly enough, I already picked up on that."

"Sorry." Daniel picked through his tools, chose a brush and used it to remove dirt from the cracks in the stone. The carving that had mostly been obscured was now starting to look sort of like a big angular bird with outstretched wings. "I thought you were being facetious. I didn't realize you were actually asking for information. What did you want to know?"

Jack pushed up the brow of his cap, wiping sweat from his forehead. It was a routine survey, they would probably be done in time to have lunch back at the commissary in Stargate Command, and he was bored out of his mind. The original query had pretty much been facetious, but if Daniel was going to be that way about it, he had to think of a real question. "Isn't this a lot different from what you normally do?"




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  • "Archaeology 101" would be a likely designation for a university-level foundation course in the study of ancient structures and cultures.