Archaic Tel'tak[1] is a Goa'uld ship used by Osiris.


It is unknown how common the Archaic Tel'tak was in the Goa'uld fleet. The matter stream from the Transportation rings gives us an idea of size; the ship is similar to a Tel'tak cargo ship. It is of a quite strange design, almost looking primitive compared to newer Goa'uld efforts such as the Al'kesh. This is understandable, as the ship had lain under Egyptian sands for at least five thousand years. (SG1: "The Curse")


Osiris' ship's Transportation rings's matter stream.

The only ship of this class encountered by the Tau'ri was in the possession of Osiris. After he took Sarah Gardner as a host, he traveled to the temple he was imprisoned in and accessed the ship via the Transportation rings. Despite laying dormant in the sands for at least five thousand years, the ship was still operational and Osiris escaped. (SG1: "The Curse")


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