Arbella[1] is an uninhabited planet in the Milky Way galaxy which has a Stargate and was used as a base of operations for rogue set NID employees. The planet was once inhabited by an unknown race, all that is left are some ruins on a high mountain cliff. (SG1: "Shades of Grey")

Alternate timeline[]

  • In an alternate timeline where SG-1 never returned from an off-world mission, the rogue NID's actions were never exposed and Earth's allies abandoned it. With Apophis attacking, Maybourne and his people made a deal to evacuate people to Arbella which became an off-world colony of Earth. Over the next ninety-eight years, the Goa'uld System Lord Hecate helped evacuate people to the planet until it became close off using a Stargate shield of Arbellan origin. In 2098, SG-1 returned and traveled to Arbella with the aid of Rya'c. By that point, the true nature of Arbella's founding had been hidden with Maybourne branded as a traitor and credit given to Colonel Frank Simmons though O'Neill realized it was originally the rogue NID base. SG-1, with the help of Rya'c, ultimately succeeded in convincing the Arbellans to return to Earth to fight in the final battle to retake the planet from the Wraith. A year later, the Arbellans organized a relief effort to help the people of Earth recover from the destruction brought by the Wraith and the Goa'uld. (SG1: "Apocalypse")


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