For the Ha'tak version, see Apophis' Ha'tak.

Apophis' mothership was a new type of mothership built by Sokar and used by Apophis as the flagship of his fleet.


First seen after Apophis took control of Sokar's forces, the vessel possessed many advantages over the standard Ha'tak: it was larger, possessed a faster hyperdrive, had superior shields, and had weapons which could incinerate a Ha'tak in six shots bypassing its shields. (SG1: "The Serpent's Venom", "Enemies")

The mothership's interior was very dark, with gloomy candlelit hallways and a somewhat shadowy Pel'tak. This reflects the fact that it was originally Sokar's mothership and was taken by Apophis when he took over Sokar's forces. (SG1: "Exodus", "Enemies")


Apophis took the ship to his meeting with Heru'ur in the Tobin system, and destroyed Heru'ur's Ha'tak with just a few shots. (SG1: "The Serpent's Venom")

Apophis Mothership

Apophis' Mothership adrift.

Apophis also took it and his fleet to Vorash in an attempt to destroy the Tok'ra. The supernova of Vorash's sun sent Apophis' mothership into another galaxy, along with SG-1. While there, the vessel was boarded by Replicators, who overran the ship, but Apophis set the self-destruct and escaped in a Tel'tak. The Replicators were unable to deactivate the self-destruct, and the ship was destroyed. (SG1: "Exodus", "Enemies")

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