Anubis' superweapon was a massive, devastating weapon that Anubis installed in his supermothership. Located at the top of the mothership, the ship could fire an energy beam at the Stargate of the planet in question. The Stargate would then explode, wiping out all life on the planet.

The weapon also could release discharges of energy that acted somewhat like arcs of static electricity. These discharges could chain to a second Ha’tak and still annihilate them. The first time it was fired it destroyed three of the System Lords' Ha’taks in seconds. This kind of output could be discharged multiple times with roughly ten seconds between each individual use, based on the time between the first and second discharging.

The weapon could only be powered by the Eyes of the Goa'uld; attempts to adapt naquadria were unsuccessful. The superweapon was destroyed when the Goa'uld fleet under the control of the System Lord Baal destroyed the mothership when it was at Langara. Anubis later built a second mothership, but it is unknown if it also carried a superweapon. (SG1: "Full Circle", "Fallen", "Homecoming")

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