An Ancient remote control, also known as a Kino remote, is a wireless device created by the Ancients. It serves as a Dial Home Device for Destiny-style Stargates and a remote control for Kinos.


The Ancient remote control is a small device with a large touch screen and several buttons down the right hand side, labelled in Ancient. It has two primary functions: Kino control and Stargate dialling. It can be used to manually direct Kinos or set them to various search modes. The screen displays the video feed to the user, as well as any relevant sensor data. During missions through the Stargate, it can tap into the Stargate network and display all the available addresses in range of the gate. By selecting an address, the gate is dialled automatically. As planetary Stargates along Destiny's course have no DHDs, they are essential for the explorers to return to Destiny. Though the device lists the available gates in range, no information is given as to their destination or position in the network. The Destiny expedition has evidently learned how to interface their computers with the device, as Ronald Greer is seen using a remote to play music. (SGU: "Time", "Lost")

A remote can also be reconfigured to track other remotes in the nearby vicinity. (SGU: "Malice")


Several were found on the starship Destiny and are used frequently by the Destiny expedition, particularly Eli Wallace, who first discovered and learned how to use the remote to control a Kino. (SGU: "Air, Part 2", Kino)


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