The Ancient maintenance robot is a type of automated repair droid found on the Ancient starship Destiny. It is capable of carrying out repairs on the ship's systems once given instructions. It was found in a crate in a cargo bay by a team exploring the ship, which may imply the ship has more than one available. It walks upright on four legs, and can grip the hull of the Destiny without aid, suggesting a magnetic system similar to those on space suits. It is also shown to be able to cling to walls inside the ship. It also appears that the repair bot is capable of repairing a damaged part of Destiny to resemble its original structure, as the large dome room was repaired without any sign of the breach it suffered. It likely possesses a variety of tools necessary to conduct the repairs that Destiny would require over its lifetime. One such tool was seen in both cases when the robot was effecting repairs: a retractable wand that allows the robot to weld materials. The robot used this tool to help disconnect the defective FTL module as well as to repair the breached hydroponics dome.

The robot was first put to use in removing a damaged FTL unit from Destiny's drive section in 2009. Much later, Lisa Park employed it to repair the hull breach in the large dome room they found when they first boarded the ship, converting it into a larger hydroponics lab. (SGU: "Faith", "Sabotage", "Trial and Error", "Visitation")

When an attempt to dial Earth accidentally sent an abandoned version Destiny back in time, thereby creating two copies of the ship in the same timeline, the duplicate repair drone was among the items the crew intended to salvage from the derelict ship. Since then, both robots have been used extensively to repair damage caused by drone attacks. Eli Wallace even stated a wish for more of them. (SGU: "Twin Destinies", "Common Descent")



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