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The Ancient/Lantean fleet was one of the most advanced fleets known to exist, existing not only in the home galaxy of the Ancients, but also the Milky Way and later Pegasus galaxies. It is likely that the ships listed here were not the only ships to be constructed by the Ancients, and we know very little about the Ancient ships built before and after they lived in the Milky Way and Pegasus Galaxy.

Ancient spaceships[edit | edit source]

Alteran Era[edit | edit source]

Milky Way Era[edit | edit source]

Pegasus Era[edit | edit source]

Return to Milky Way[edit | edit source]

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Ancient fleet
Capital ships Alteran ship · Aurora-class · City-ship · Destiny
Other ships Cruiser · Puddle Jumper · Science vessel · Seed ship · Shuttle · Transport ship
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