"Anateo is my name, and believe me, I am part of no alliance of any kind."

Anateo was a "Second" of the Lucian Alliance and previously controlled several planets in their territory.



He was extremely ruthless and had no patience for those who would stand in his way. He also considered himself independent from the Alliance and had little respect for his superiors. He originally controlled several planets in the Lucian Alliance, although he lost several of them to the Ori during their invasion of the Milky Way. Before turning on Netan, he had suggested he kill Karug, of his fellow Seconds, and take over his territories, although his suggestion was denied. After Netan had committed three battleships in the Battle of P3Y-229, something that would later turn out to be a strategic error, Anateo had become convinced that Netan was unworthy to lead the Lucian Alliance and planned to assassinate and succeed him. However, Netan knew of Anateo's intentions and had planned to send him on a fools errand to capture the Odyssey, hoping that the attempt would either result in his death or capture by the Tau'ri. Against expectations, the capture was successful, although Anateo neglected to inform the Alliance, confirming Netan's suspicions. Netan subsequently sent two Ha'taks to destroy the Odyssey and kill Anateo in person. However, his problem was solved by Dr. Daniel Jackson and Vala Mal Doran, who beamed him into space during their attempt to retake the ship. When Netan demanded to know where he was, Daniel simply replied that "he had to go" while gesturing at the front window. Drifting helplessly, Anateo fired a few futile shots at the ship before hitting the window and sliding off into the void. (SG1: "Company of Thieves")


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Other equipment

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