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Amotkin was a Goa'uld who transported the Salish's ancestors to the planet PXY-887 about a thousand years ago as slaves. He was the Goa'uld who ruled as short of PXY-887 are long gone, or so you think. While Amotkin was never a great leader, he was one of the few Goa'uld interested in exploration not for the sake of discovery, but for the resources and power to the light. To a Goa'uld a discovery is an advantage. Before finding PXY-887 Amotkin collected a small amount of power for himself by broker call their discoveries to other more powerful Goa'uld (especially Apophis). Although not a System Lord himself that he had ambitions. He traded his tidbits of information about hyperspace routes, resource-rich worlds and sources of new hosts in exchange for a small part of the change in payment for his help.

His time at PXY-887 was mercifully brief and ended when the aliens teleported he and his Jaffa in limbo. He has been trapped there for the last six hundred years, but that may soon change. Unknown to Spirits times can do it but with excruciating slowness. Amotkin has made good use of equipment, he finds himself trapped with. With luck, he will let its forces from limbo and exact revenge on the Spirit. If his new devices work, he might take his world to himself yet again. If not, he can still escape the planet to its old base of operations. Of course, he has no idea how long he's been gone, he believes his exile was a few weeks at most. But some secrets are very good, and what he has learned about the Spirit and their world can be very valuable indeed.(RPG: "Friends and Foes: Stargate Season Two")

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