Ambrosius Aurelianus, known more commonly as Arthur was a King of Britain, leader of the Round Table and friend of Merlin.


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He was the son of Emperor Constantine and his Queen was Guinevere. When Merlin descended to create a weapon to battle the Ori, he entrusted some of his secrets to Arthur and his knights. On a planet called Camelot, where Arthur is said to have ruled, it is said that Arthur and his knights left to quest for the Sangraal on one of three lands: Castiana, Sahal and Vagonbrei. The question about whether Arthur ascended or not is raised by the fact that the myths of Arthur claims that he would return after his death in battle. He was called the "Once and Future King." (SG1: "Avalon, Part 1", "Arthur's Mantle", "Camelot", "The Pegasus Project")


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