Amaunet was a Goa'uld Queen and mate of Apophis up until her death in 1999.



Amaunet was the Goa'uld Queen of Apophis, also being his mate. When Amaunet became mature enough to take a host in 1997, Apophis set out to search the galaxy for a suitable host. While the search was being conducted, Amaunet herself lay in the belly of a Jaffa High Priestess Yametha. Among the women brought for Amaunet's inspection were Senior Airman Carol Weterings and Sha're. Amaunet rejected over 50 human females, including Weterings, whom Apophis later killed. When presented with Sha're, Amaunet accepted entering Sha're though the back of the neck and taking her as a new permanent host. Sha're's husband Dr. Daniel Jackson came with SG-1 to attempt to rescue her and her brother Skaara, but Amaunet had successfully blended with Sha're and fully taken her as a host. Jackson and the rest of the team sent to Chulak were forced to leave without her and Skaara. Jackson, from this point, remained with Stargate Command to search the galaxy for Sha're and even joined the SGC's flagship team, SG-1 in the hope of getting her back. (SG1: "Children of the Gods")


Amaunet had now taken on the full responsibilities of being a Goa'uld Queen, creating new larva Goa'uld and upholding her status as Apophis' mate. Later Amaunet and Apophis mated through their hosts and conceived a human son. The child would be a Harcesis: the offspring of two Goa'uld who contains all the genetic memory of the Goa'uld, an act that was forbidden. Amaunet gave up control of Sha're, who was hidden away by Apophis on Abydos, for fear of making the child stillborn. When the child was born, Amaunet regained dominance over Sha're. Amaunet was tricked by a disguised Teal'c that Heru'ur, a rival System Lord, had stolen the child for his own, and explained this to Apophis. The child himself was hidden away amongst the people of Abydos. (SG1: "Secrets")


Amaunet, following the fall of Apophis, went renegade and entered the service of Heru'ur. Amaunet somehow learned the truth of what happened to her son, and led an invasion force to Abydos, taking many Abydonians hostage and regaining her son, capturing the Abydonians as a pretext to trick Heru'ur. Concerned the System Lords would keep looking for him, Amaunet entrusted him to one of her handmaidens who took him to sanctuary on Kheb.

Battle of P8X-873 4

Teal'c kills Amaunet before she can kill Daniel.

At this time, a heavily armed commando team arrived, lead by SG-1, who freed the Abydonians and massacred Heru'ur's Jaffa in a massive battle. Dr. Daniel Jackson learned of Amaunet's presence and confronted her at gunpoint. Sha're couldn't gain dominance, and Amaunet was poised to kill Jackson with her Kara kesh, until Teal'c came and was forced to shoot and kill Amaunet with his Staff weapon. Amaunet died first and Sha're regained control long enough to say goodbye to her husband. (SG1: "Forever in a Day")

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