This article is about the Stargate resistance level. For the planet, see Amarna.

Amarna is a multiplayer map in Stargate Resistance, which takes place in a temple on the planet of Amarna in the Milky Way galaxy.


Stargate Command landed a force on this world to investigate a naquadah mine which they thought to be abandoned. The System Lords quickly learned of the SGC's trespass and sent a formidable task force to secure both the Stargate and their precious naquadah - the principle power source for all Goa'uld technology.

As the SG-Team makes their way back to the Stargate to check in, they find the temple that houses the gate crawling with System Lord forces. They now have a serious fight on their hands and must stop the enemy incursion just to make it home. The System Lord's forces have but one task - eliminate the human interlopers at all costs. Failure means death, whether they survive the battle or not.


The System Lords must wipe out the SG Team preventing them from revealing the location of the naquadah mine. The SGC's goal is to eliminate the System Lords controlling the gate, so they can redial Earth and return home.

Each kill in this death match-style game is worth 4 points. An additional 2 points can be scored (for a total of 6) if you kill a character of your opposing class. Opposing classes are as follows: Jaffa cs. Soldier, Ashrak vs. Commando, and Goa'uld vs. Scientist. Interactive objects around the map (currently represented by glowing white images) are worth a single point to the player triggering the object (standing in the ring). These objects respawn at various spots around the map.


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