Amanda Tapping is an English-born Canadian actress. Born in Rochford, Essex in England, she moved with her family to Ontario, Canada when she was three years old. She attended North Toronto Collegiate Institute where she excelled in environmental science and drama. However, when she finished in 1984, she decided to focus her attention on drama when she attended the University of Windsor School of Dramatic Arts in Windsor, Ontario.[1]

After graduation Tapping continued to study theatrical arts while performing in several stage productions. She appeared in several television commercials and played a variety of roles in television and film productions, such as The Outer Limits and The X-Files. She also formed a comedy troupe, the "Random Acts", with collaborators Katherine Jackson and Anne Marie Kerr, in Toronto in the early 90s.[2]

Tapping is best known for her portrayal of Samantha Carter, in the science fiction television series Stargate SG-1, which debuted in 1997. Tapping then took the place of Torri Higginson in season four of Stargate: Atlantis, as Commander of the Atlantis expedition.[3] When Tapping left the show she was reduced to that of "special guest-star".[4] In the premier episode, her character leaves Atlantis to witness the extraction ceremony of the Goa'uld, Ba'al (the opening scenes of Stargate: Continuum) and reappears as temporary commander of Stargate Command in the Atlantis series finale.

Instead of returning for Atlantis' 5th season, Amanda chose to focus her attention on the development of a new series for the Sci Fi Channel, Sanctuary, for which she serves as both star and Executive Producer. However, when asked if she would continue to star in Stargate related projects, she said, "I will be there for as long as they want me to".[5]

As of 2004, Amanda lives with her husband, Allan Kovacs, in Vancouver, British Columbia (wedding date - September 23, 1994). She has one daughter, Olivia B., born on March 22, 2005. Tapping had three brothers, Richard, Christopher and Steven. Chris is a fraternal twin, who works in Toronto as a database administrator. Tapping's brother Steven died in December 2006.[6]







Stargate SG-1


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