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Amanda Perry was a brilliant scientist from Earth in her 30s, who was part of a team developing the next generation of hyperdrives. She was rendered quadriplegic as a result of an accident when she was nine.



In 2009, one of the Ancient spaceship Destiny's Faster-Than-Light engines was destroyed and would not successfully traverse the void between two galaxies. She was highly recommended by Dr. Nicholas Rush, who described her as the most qualified person for the task. In order to do this, she used a Long-range communication device to switch bodies. Lt. Vanessa James volunteered first to swap positions, but quickly changed her mind after the transfer; Perry then switched with Camile Wray. This also allowed Perry to be able to walk for the first time in her adult life. Perry helped repair Destiny's FTL drive after the Nakai sabotaged it and reconnected with Rush whom she had feelings for. The two ended up kissing and Perry comforted over the death of his wife which she'd never really been able to do before. During the Nakai attack in the void, Perry manned the consoles in the Control interface room and worked the weapons along with Eli Wallace, Dr. Adam Brody and Dr. Dale Volker, defending the ship as long as possible though Colonel Everett Young told her to leave if things got too bad. Eventually Destiny returned to FTL and Perry returned to her own body, but not before kissing Rush again and offering to return if her help was ever needed again. (SGU: "Sabotage")

She returned to Destiny after Dr. Nicholas Rush requested her help when he and Colonel Everett Young were trapped on an Ursini ship. She switched bodies with the Lucian Alliance member Ginn, who had been allowed to stay on the ship after the Alliance members were expunged following their incursion. Rush directed her to Destiny's bridge, where she was to turn the ship around and rescue Young and himself. Shortly after, the crew discovered the bridge and were able to get the two back on board. Once safely on board, she and Rush shared a kiss, but were interrupted by Eli Wallace, who, while whisking Rush away, cautioned Perry against doing so while in Ginn's body. After Eli leaves, the unsupervised Simeon enters the room Perry/Ginn is in and shuts the door. He then kills the body that Amanda was in, Lt. Vanessa James uses the Long-range communication device to check what had happened on Earth after the body was discovered and confirms that her body had died with her consciousness. Her death enraged Rush who hunted down and killed Simeon himself. (SGU: "The Greater Good", "Malice")


Amanda's consciousness resurfaced in 2010 in the body of Chloe Armstrong when Chloe was connected to the Long-range communication stones. Her consciousness had survived in the stones and she surfaced along with Ginn, but she was the weakest of the three minds in Chloe's body and surfaced the least and the shortest. Dr. Nicholas Rush came up with a plan to download her into Destiny's mainframe in the hopes of saving her so she could be downloaded into another body in the future. Perry was ecstatic at the thought and the download was successful, but caused a power surge that knocked out the database and Lt. Tamara Johansen's instruments in the infirmary while she was doing a kidney transplant. TJ's instruments returned, but the database didn't, so Perry, acting as part of the ship, appeared to TJ and used her connection to the database to guide TJ through the surgery before disappearing. She later appeared to Rush on the bridge and revealed that she was happy to be where she was. (SGU: "Hope")

As a program in the ship's computer she was able to learn at a far faster rate than before. She was also able to interact with Dr. Nicholas Rush on a social level. Perry eventually devised a way for Rush load his consciousness into virtual construct within the ship's databank via the Destiny interface chair. His consciousness, approximately 900 terabytes of raw data, was uploaded giving them time together. Having failed to setup the program correctly, she trapped him in the program by accident. She attempted to fix her error but was unable to. Upset she eventually explained the truth to Rush: she'd programed it with the belief that they both loved each other and Rush, though he claimed otherwise, apparently didn't really love her. Fortunately, Eli Wallace was able to quarantine the program that contained both Perry and Ginn, freeing Rush. Unfortunately, doing so meant that both of them are isolated and cannot be interacted with. (SGU: "Seizure")

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  • Nicholas Rush refers to Perry as "Little Miss Brilliant", which may be a reference to the Mr. Men characters.
  • The direction towards the character has garnered some controversy. Some were critical of the character's rather insensitive description, particularly that the disabled character "is physically useless" as well as insinuating that disabled peoples are not able to have an intimate relationship.[1] Producers of SGU have since apologized and clarified that the character description was not their own, but that of an external casting agency and was never meant to be made public.
  • The character was once named "Eleanor", but was changed to "Amanda" prior to filming of the episode.

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