Alra Urulin is a female human from the planet Eldeore.


Background Information[]

She is Eliras Sorun's caregiver, taking care of the museum's activities while he is engaged in more "important" research. An accomplished archaeologist, she has much more experience in this area than Sorun, and she only works in the museum while trying task on another excavation. Unknown to her, Sorun is sabotaging her efforts behind his back. Hes been pretty with her and have no desire to lose presence. Alra goes with an athletic grace in part because of a childhood studying dance and partly from working position during excavations. She is in great shape and wear clothes that while modest accents her body rather than hiding it.

She speaks in a charming and safe manner, and her gestures are broad and sweeping. She keeps eye contact and smiles to everyone she meets. She is also very casually affectionate, touching, and people often think nothing f gives a new acquaintance a friendly hug. Her red hair and green eyes is in stark contrast to the gray and blues plain clothes. Alra like everyone and she trusts easily, but when that trust is broken, she can hold a grudge. True anger is virtually unknown among her people, but she will find reasons to ignore the target for her anger, even if they require something important from her. She was fond of science and discovery, but like happy people. Wherever she goes, she is gathering groups of admirers in that she rarely sees them, not realizing that her fascination with other easily matched by his fascination with her. (RPG: "First Steps: The Stargate Unexplored Worlds Roleplaying Sourcebook")

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