"You're a sitting duck here."
"And ducks are bad?"
"Uh...the sitting kind are.
―Ally and Teal'c[src]

Allyson Martin, better known by her nickname Ally, is a young girl from Earth who helped Teal'c after he escaped the custody of Colonel Harold Maybourne.


Background InformationEdit

Ally is a movie fan, citing The Godfather and The Fugitive in her conversations with Teal'c. She is raised by her widowed mother who works a lot to provide for her. She was an excellent judge of character that she says was passed down from her father, a police officer who was shot and killed. (SG1: "Bane")



Teal'c hands a new water gun to Ally for all her help.

When Teal'c was stung by an Infestation fly on Svoriin, the insect venom began to transform Teal'c's DNA. Mentally unstable, he fled custody and deliberately removed his symbiote. Ally first saw him in an alley-way and followed him because she thought he was "cool". She found him weak and transforming in an abandoned warehouse. She brought him food and helped him find a safe hiding spot from Maybourne's search teams. Later, realizing the seriousness of Teal'c's illness, she called Colonel Jack O'Neill to come help. For all her assistance, Teal'c returned to her with a new water gun, and spent some time playing with her. (SG1: "Bane")

Behind the scenesEdit

  • Though known only as "Ally" in the television series, her full first name given by the role-playing game is "Allyson".
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