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"All Telford's Fault" is the sixteenth webisode in the series of 34 Kino webisodes.


Dr. Lisa Park tries to comfort Dr. Adam Brody after Sgt. Hunter Riley's accident.


A Kino hovers into one of the living quarters, listening in on Dr. Adam Brody and Dr. Lisa Park. The latter tries to comfort the other after the incident where Sgt. Hunter Riley is seriously injured. Brody said there was nothing he could do but watch it happen. He blames the events on Colonel David Telford, even though it was Dr. Nicholas Rush's plan for the two to do some repairs. He believes Rush was right; he believes Telford is going to get them all killed, and that they must do something about it. He plans to help Rush conspire against Telford. Afterwards, the Kino hovers away.


  • This webisode takes place during the events of the episode "Earth", after Sgt. Hunter Riley is injured but before Dr. Nicholas Rush enacts his plan. It details Brody's decision to conspire with Rush.
  • This is a prequel to the episode "Subversion".

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"All Telford's Fault" on the official MGM website.

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