A alflageolis was a bacteria that infect and replicate in a bacterium.


In 2010, Atlantis expedition accidentally picked up a Wraith solvent infected with bacteriophage. The organism, which is called alflageolis, began to spread Atlantis, attack and destroy all plastics within the quarantine area and resist any attempt to stop it. Wraith ember eventually confessed Little Replicator responsible, identifying it as a relatively weak strain, potentially giving them a week to fix the problem before alflageolis mutated to become deadly. But Ember and work with him, including Dr. Radek Zelenka and Carson Beckett had a very difficult time to find a way to kill alflageolis.

Eventually, Ember came up with the plan to create a more voracious bacteriophage attacking the Little Replicator and its host bacteria. Ember could put a kill switch by adjusting the new bacteriophage genes related to reproduction in order to get it to go off when the cell is trying to divide. Ember could find a way to introduce this new bacteriophages to the equation by creating a protein to perform it as alflageolis would absorb. After Ember's plan was approved new bacteriophage spread in aerosol form through the joint efforts of science and military personnel from Atlantis. Ember's bacteriophage proved successful in killing the Litte Replicator and alflageolis before it could mutate to be fatal. (SGA: "The Third Path")

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