Colonel Alexi Zukhov (Алексей Жуков) was an officer in the Russian Air Force, and the leader of his own SG team in the Russian Stargate Program.


Background InformationEdit

He was a friend of both Dr. Svetlana Markov and Colonel Chekov. (SG1: "The Tomb", "48 Hours")


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After another Russian team went missing on P2X-338, which included a good friend of his, his team worked with SG-1 in 2001 to explore the ziggurat which the previous team discovered.

During the mission, his fellow officer Major Sergei Vallarin became host to Marduk. He confronted Zukhov about the Eye of Tiamat. Zukhov was later killed, after handing Marduk/Vallarin a live grenade that detonated. (SG1: "The Tomb")


  • Zukhov's favorite weapon was the Serbian-made Zastava M85. Zukhov believed it to be Russian-made, perhaps because he got it confused with the similar AKS-74U, the assault-carbine version of the Russian AK-74 assault rifle. The line might be a tongue-in-cheek reference to Lieutenant Pavel Chekov on Star Trek: The Original Series, who often claimed advanced technologies (even if they were Alien-created) were originally invented in Russia.
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