Alexander is a male Jaffa Spartan Guard from planet Aegis.


Background Information

Alexander was born in services Pelops and entered military training at age 6. At that age he was already a hardened member of Spartans community, less hardy children left to die in childhood in the foothills of the nearby mountains. He excelled in martial arts, rising quickly through the ranks to become one of the Pelops' chosen warriors. He traveled through the Stargate many times to engage enemies their god soon became a competent leader of men.

But it was not his lust for blood that drove him to his greatest heights but the love of a woman. Alexander was deeply in love with the princess Helen and strove to succeed in the fight to win her favor. When he became First Prime, he asked Helen to be his wife, but she refused. When he discovered that Helen had a lover - a Helot no less - Alexander arranged to find the man alone and killed him. When Helen's son Galen was born he realized he had not been quick enough. Through he could denounce boy weak-blooded th instead chose to use the political maneuvering to sentence him to honor sick role of Crypteia. Over the years, his love for Helen decayed into a caustic desire to own something that he knows he can not have.

Alexander is 140 years old but seems to be in his mid-40s age. He is tall and broad-shouldered with a deep tan and had prominent muscles. He wears his long black hair in the traditional Spartans warrior style: loose or pony tail tied with a leather strap. (RPG: "Living Gods: Stargate System Lords")

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