Alec Colson is a businessman, creator of Colson Industries, who became aware of the existence of alien life and thought that this knowledge should be shared with the public at any cost.


Background informationEdit

In the McCarthy era, Alec Colson's father was a news reporter who strongly believed that people should always know what the government is doing. This got him jailed, but his values went onto his son. Alec loved to fly planes, but lost his wife and daughter in an accidental plane crash in 1986. He was also interested in Dr. Daniel Jackson's claims that the pyramids of Egypt were landing pads for alien spacecraft.

Following the deaths of his wife and child, Alec founded a company called Colson Avionics to pursue a goal of making planes safer. Later, as the company's power and influence grew and spread, Colson Avionics was renamed Colson Industries. Unknown to Colson, his company was being used to assist in the development of alien technologies acquired by SG teams, including the engine for the F-302 fighter-interceptor and analyzing Asgard DNA to assist with their cloning program. However, they pursued the latter further than their contract specified, ultimately cloning the DNA and developing a blank and mindless Asgard clone as a result. As a result, he realized that there is intelligent life elsewhere in the universe and that the American government was trying to keep the information under wraps for some reason. (SG1: "Covenant")


Five months after Anubis' attack on Earth, Colson, who had access to imagery of the battle in Antarctica from multiple satellite feeds, realizes the government was trying to cover it up as a meteor shower. This, combined with his experience with the alien clone, lead him to make an ultimatum to the governments involved in the cover-up to either confess or he'll present proof himself, not realizing that he would be committing treason for leaking classified information. He knew that Washington D.C. wouldn't dare try to kill him, otherwise it would legitimize his claims. He also took necessary precautions to ensure his and his workers' safety. However, his friend, Brian Vogler pleaded him to stop otherwise it would drop their company stock and bankrupt the company.

Twenty-four hours after his ultimatum was delivered, as promised, Colson presented his blank Asgard clone, whom his employees had spent much time teaching to walk, to the media. However, on behalf of Stargate Command, the Asgard commander Thor quietly beamed up all the evidence, and Lt. Colonel Samantha Carter went on television to publicly discredit Colson through the use of holographic technology. At the same time, someone tried to kill Colson by sabotaging his private plane, making him suspect the US government. Just as he was about to go live with the remains of a Ha'tak, his back-up evidence, he is beamed to the SGC, where he meets Thor in person. He is taken to P4X-650, the location of the new Alpha Site, where Carter takes him on a ride in an F-302. Colson is later informed about the Trust, a group who is exploiting alien technology for their own gain and the ones who tried to kill him. If he revealed the Stargate to the public, then the Trust would never be able to get control of it. Colson discuss the possibility of revealing the Stargate's existence, which he believes will unite humanity, not fracture it as the SGC fears. Colson subsequently learned that the Trust had been onto him for six months, having gotten to him through Brian, who had to sign false forms to keep the company from falling into bankruptcy. Vowing to take down the Trust, they planned to have Brian meet with his contact, only to find that he had hanged himself in his home beforehand. After contemplating suicide himself, Colson instead decided to run and fight to another day, hiding from the Trust off-world.

The stock fell drastically, prompting a trading freeze at stock exchanges. The United States Congress provided aid and the company survived. (SG1: "Covenant")

It is unknown what became of Alec Colson after this.

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