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"My father gave his life so that all of us could survive another day."
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Alan Armstrong was the Senator of California who, in his later life, was the political oversight to the Stargate project assigned to try dialing the ninth chevron.


Background information

In the 1980s, he married Patricia Armstrong and they had a daughter, Chloe Armstrong, in 1986. His friends included President Henry Hayes, the First Lady and Senator Michaels. According to Lt. General Jonathan J. O'Neill, O'Neill had some of his favorite arguments with Armstrong. (SGU: "Air, Part 1", "Air, Part 3", "Alliances")


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Alan turning on a mechanism of closing of a door into a shuttle.

He was joined in the ninth chevron project by his daughter Chloe. He saved a woman during the attack on Icarus Base. Alan sacrificed himself to save those stranded on the Destiny, by manually closing a damaged Ancient shuttle door, sealing a leak to the vacuum of space. The door could only be closed and would only stay closed from inside the shuttle. As the Senator had already suffered severe injuries during the attack on the Icarus Base, he elected to close the door himself. He died of asphyxiation. (SGU: "Air, Part 1", "Air, Part 2")

The last words of Alan (to Chloe): "I Love You" (liptalk)

After his death, one of the topics of discussion was what to do with his body, however, with the Ancient shuttle temporarily sealed off, a decision was not immediately reached (although when the shuttle was repaired, they were presumably able to recover his body). (SGU: "Darkness")

Sometime later, Chloe Armstrong began hallucinating, due to an Alien tick. She found her father sitting in the cockpit of the Ancient shuttle and the two began talking. Despite being completely aware that he was a hallucination, Chloe used the opportunity to reconnect with her father and was very reluctant to have the "tick" removed. However, for her safety, it was forcibly removed and killed. (SGU: "Pain")


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  • Though never shown on-screen, Armstrong's body was - at some point - laid to rest. The shuttle in which he died was partially repaired and sent to the planet Eden to be used by expedition members who chose to remain on the surface. (SGU: "Faith")
  • Armstrong's injuries were implied to be not necessarily fatal by themselves, but he was dependent on anticoagulant heart medication (Warfarin, according to Chloe Armstrong) that accelerated the internal bleeding, which effectively left him doomed to die either of his injuries or of heart failure.

Behind the scenes

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Senator Armstrong originally had the surname of Walker[1] but this was changed to Armstrong before he appeared in any episodes of Stargate Universe.[2]

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