Alabaster was a female Wraith, fathered by "Guide" as the Consort to a Hive Queen, Snow.


Background informationEdit

When she was in the Wraith equivalent of adolescence, Snow's hive ship came under attack by a rival group of Wraith. Alabaster escaped in a Wraith cruiser, crash landing on an uncharted planet. Guide was unable to locate the ship and believed Alabaster to be dead. In reality she crash-landed on a primitive planet where the Stargate was in orbit, leaving her unable to send a message or return home. She eventually adopted a role as the 'Bride of the Dead', living in a crypt, but formed a strange peace with the natives. As well as occasionally feeding just enough to sustain herself without killing the humans, Alabaster would also heal some humans of fatal injuries, taking the life force from a willing volunteer and using two-thirds of that life force to heal another while keeping a third of it for herself, such as taking fifteen years from the grandfather of a newborn child with a hole in his heart and using ten of those years to heal the child. (SGA: "Unascended")


While searching a planet for a ZPM, the AR-1 discover Alabaster and her son on the planet, still alive. Teyla Emmagan realizes who she is and Alabaster explains that her cruiser was destroyed, but she made it off in an escape pod. With the planet only having a Spacegate, Alabaster was left stranded. Alabaster leads the team to the ZPM and Hyperion's weapon and accompanies them back to Atlantis where she is finally reunited with her father. (SGA: "Secrets")

Alabaster subsequently takes up the role of queen of Guide's alliance and refuses to aid Atlantis unless Hyperion's weapon is destroyed. When a Genii spy who had been undercover as a Wraith worshipper arrives, Alabaster gives him the Gift of Life to relieve the Wraith enzyme withdrawal so he can pass along his information. After Dr. Rodney McKay apparently sacrifices himself to destroy the weapon, Alabaster allows her forces to join the battle. Following Queen Death's death at the hands of Teyla, Queen Death's remaining forces surrender to Alabaster. (SGA: "Inheritors")

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