"Affinity" is the seventh episode of the eighth season of Stargate SG-1.


Teal'c moves into an apartment with the public, but his attempts to reduce crime in his area often lands him in trouble. While he befriends a local woman, Lt. Colonel Samantha Carter continues her relationship with Pete Shanahan.


On a city street an incident involving several thugs and a man with whom they are trying to pick a fight occurs. As one of them threatens another driver he is suddenly stopped by Teal'c, who demands that they resolve the incident legally. The thugs refuse and try to attack Teal'c, and are subsequently easily dispatched.

After the incident, back at Stargate Command, Colonel Richard Kendrick comes into Brigadier General Jack O'Neill's office. He is displeased with Teal'c's recent behavior. He believes that Teal'c may become a threat to the Stargate Program's secrecy.

Dr. Daniel Jackson visits Teal'c in his apartments. He is worried that Teal'c attracts too much attention to himself with his habit of intervening in conflicts outside of the SGC. During Daniel's visit Krista James, a neighbor of Teal'c's in his apartment complex, shows up. She asks Teal'c for help with her plumbing. Before leaving them alone, Daniel says that there are exceptions to every rule.

In a park, Pete Shanahan and Lt. Colonel Samantha Carter meet. Pete tells her that he has asked for reassignment to Colorado Springs and proposes to her.

Teal'c meets a neighborhood kid, Eric, and they become witnesses to a street theft. Teal'c hesitates to stop the thief, remembering Daniel's advice about interfering, but is swayed by the residents around him to act and easily knocks the thief out by throwing an avocado at him, much to everyone's admiration.

Later in the evening Teal'c hears Doug McNair, Krista's boyfriend, arguing with her in the hallway of the apartment complex. Teal'c politely asks Doug to leave as Krista wanted. Doug leaves, promising to return the next day. Back in the SGC Teal'c asks Daniel and Sam to explain what was happening between Krista and Doug.


Teal'c and Krista James practice Lok'nel

The next day in the park Krista meets Teal'c, who is practicing lok'nel. She tells him of her breakup with Doug and asks Teal'c to train her. Teal'c agrees. After several days of training Teal'c visits Krista to ask why she has missed her most recent training session. Teal'c finds Doug in Krista's apartment and learns that he has been violent to her. Teal'c and Doug have a short confrontation, witnessed by Mrs. Conners, in which Teal'c threatens to kill Doug if he hurts Krista again.

At SGC Carter is distracted and is constantly thinking about Pete's proposal. She reveals this to Jack along with her worries about how she would handle the future children she might have.

Teal'c finds Krista sitting next to her door. She tells him that she has broken up with Doug and that she wants to be far away from him. She asks Teal'c to go with her. Meanwhile, Sam reveals to Daniel that Doug was found dead in Krista's apartment and that Teal'c is a suspect.

On a road, Teal'c discovers that he is being followed by unknown people. Krissa begs Teal'c to try to lose them and he tells her he can do it, but he'll have to break a few laws. She says it's okay. They manage to lose them and stop in motel where Krista passionately kisses Teal'c.

Carter meets Pete Shanahan. She tells him that she needs more time to think and proceeds to ask for his help in an unrelated matter, presumably with Teal'c.

The following morning Teal'c wakes up to discover that Krista has disappeared. He hears knocking on the door and opens it to find a police squad which comes to arrest him for Doug McNair's murder. He is brought back to base and put under arrest in his room. Kendrick reveals that he located Teal'c with an anonymous call.

Daniel, while working in his office, suddenly has a message appear on his computer in the Ancient language, along with a message saying, "Look familiar?" He receives a phone call demanding that he translate the Ancient message in exchange for proof of Teal'c's innocence.

Meanwhile, Pete and Sam start their own investigation into Doug's death. They realize that Teal'c was most likely framed and discover that someone had Teal'c under surveillance from an apartment building that is directly across from Teal'c's. Pete explains that whomever it was, they cleaned up the place of all evidence. Sam thinks that their investigation is over since they don't have any way to find out more information. However, Pete tells her that they need to find a nearby pizzeria, because the people spying on Teal'c probably ordered food from them. Daniel, at the same time, attends a meeting with a man about the translation. He is threatened with snipers and the man forces Daniel to come with him.

Sam tells Teal'c what she and Pete have discovered. They find out about a new client who may be a suspect in the case. Daniel, who is being transported and held hostage in a van, discovers that the people who kidnapped him and framed Teal'c are former NID agents who call themselves The Trust. He also discovers that Doug was killed by Krista in self-defense using a method taught to her by Teal'c.

Pete finds information about the car of the kidnappers and relays the information to Sam. The Trust agents bring Daniel to an abandoned warehouse and threaten to kill Krista in order to force Daniel to translate the symbols. Using the GPS in the rental car of the Trust, SGC manages to locate them. The Trust agent stuns Daniel and Krista with a Zat and disappears with a beam transporter a moment before the assault team breaches the warehouse.

After the ordeal is over, Pete asks if it is normal for her job to have people disappear into thin air. Sam tells him "yes". When Pete begins to question her further, she clarifies that she is actually saying "yes" to his marriage proposal.

Later, Teal'c packs his things, says goodbye to Eric and Krista, and leaves his apartment in a car, listening to dance music.


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Notable quotes[]

Pete: So, how are things in the galaxy?
Carter: You know I can't talk about work.
Pete: Sorry. I'm still getting used to the fact that my girlfriend's a superhero.

O'Neill: I never thought I'd hear myself utter these words... I need that report.

Doug: You better check yourself. Before you get hurt.
Teal'c: I have checked. I suggest you leave before it is you that gets hurt.

Carter: It's bad enough being on your own without every TV show and commercial and magazine ad trying to tell you how abnormal it is.
Jackson: I think that's what I just said.
Carter: I mean they make you afraid of being alone, at the same time telling you not to settle for anything less than the perfect romantic ideal like that actually exists anywhere in the real world. I mean either way you can't win.
Jackson: How's things?
Carter: Good. We were talking about Teal'c's friend, right?
Jackson: I thought we were.

Teal'c: On Chulak, a dispute between a man and a woman that cannot be resolved necessitates a pledge break. It must be requested by one and granted by the other.
Jackson: And if that doesn't work?
Teal'c: A weapon is required.

(Carter accepting Pete's proposal two weeks after he initially proposed)
Pete: Just another day at the office?
Carter: Yes.
Pete: I figure you should be used to it by now.
Carter: No, I mean... "Yes".
Pete: "Yes" as in...
Carter: Yes.
Pete: Are you messing with me?!
Carter: No.
Pete: Which means?
Carter: Yes.
Pete: You don't need more time?
Carter: No.
Pete: Therefore...
Carter: Yes.
(The newly engaged couple kisses.)


Main Characters

Guest Stars


  • This episode takes place over the course of more than two weeks.
  • Jackson says that he likes watching the History Channel (which is not too surprising, considering he's an archaeologist).
  • Jackson asks Teal'c if he's tried talking to his fern. This is likely a reference to the film The Lonely Guy.
  • The two Trust members are not specifically identified on screen (although their names are mentioned), but according to the credits, the bald guy is Hoskins, and the one who meets Jackson in the park is Jennings.
  • The opening scene where Teal'c goes vigilante (in front of his apartment) was filmed on the corner of Nicola St and Beach Ave in Vancouver, British Columbia.
  • The warehouse where the Trust takes Jackson and Krista James, is located on Aukland St, New Westminster BC.
  • The Ancient text appearing on Jackson's screen just prior to being contacted by the NID says "Actual words are hard to deciph so this'll work".
  • The building used by the Trust in this episode "New Westminster Boiler & Tank" is also used by the Trust in the Season Ten episode "Memento Mori". New Westminster is also the location in British Columbia where this episode was partially filmed.
  • There are several cameos in the playground scene, right before Pete proposes to Carter. As they walk away from the hot dog stand, the man carrying a child is Peter DeLuise, who wrote and directed the episode. He is carrying DJ, the son of executive producer Michael Greenburg. Seconds later, the woman waving behind the slide is Nikki Smook (Michael Greenburg's wife) and the woman in the red coat is Amanda Tapping's mother.


  • In the scene starting at 25:28, Teal'c's symbiote pouch is missing. Low lighting and short shots of his chest initially hide this, although the omission is easily visible once he turns on the hotel room's lights and goes to answer the door.
  • When Hoskins takes aim at Krista James' head, Jennings is standing right behind her. That would be risky, because in case Hoskins actually shot Krista, he would be hit in the abdomen or in his leg, depending on where the aim was, in case the bullet exited Krista's body.
  • When Dr. Daniel Jackson reaches for the clipboard and pen, Hoskins first lowers his gun, but as he hands Jackson the clipboard, he simultaneously targets Jackson, but when the camera cuts, his tight hand is by his body - continuity error between shots.


  • Nominated Leo for "Dramatic Series: Best Screenwriting" (Peter DeLuise)

Other languages[]

  • French: Monde Cruel (Cruel World)
  • Italian: Affinità (Affinity)
  • Spanish: Afinidad (Affinity)
  • Czech: Spříznění (Affinity)
  • German: Affinität (Affinity)
  • Hungarian: Jóindulat (Kindliness)

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