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Aemon was a Volca who was native to the planet Kar'tek, and the son of Etahy. Shortly before the Tau'ri visited his home planet, Aemon and his family were being chased by Mars' Jaffa and discovered the long lost chaapa'ai. Though they were safe in the cavern surrounding the Stargate, Aemon decided to phase through the wall to see if the Jaffa were still following them, against his father's wishes. It was because of this that the Jaffa were able to ascertain their location of his family. Though Aemon was captured, the rest of his family were able to escape.

Aemon being captured by Mars's Jaffa.

Etahy, upon meeting with SG-1, enlisted the help of Daniel Jackson to save his son and took him to see Ulysses. The duo soon managed to free both SG-1 and Aemon from the clutches of Mars, and Aemon was reunitied with his father after Etahy had phased his hand through Mars' body, supposedly killing him; what none of them knew was that Mars' symbiote had in fact survived. (SG1: "Fall of Rome 1")

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