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Adrian Conrad's Goa'uld was a matured Goa'uld from a Jaffa captured by the Russians sometime during their brief Stargate Program.



Adrian Conrad's Goa'uld

It matured by 2001, and was sold for $3 million in a Cayman Islands account from Harold Maybourne to Zeditron Industries, and Adrian Conrad. The Goa'uld took control of Conrad, cured his Berchart's syndrome and tricked Diana Mendez into releasing him, before killing her. The Goa'uld and host were captured by Colonel Frank Simmons for information. (SG1: "Desperate Measures")


During Simmons's attempts to use information acquired from the Goa'uld to form a partial alliance with Nirrti to genetically engineer human soldiers into Jaffa, using various clones of the Goa'uld to provide the symbiotes, they went as far as to arrange for Nirrti to capture Dr. Janet Fraiser in revenge for Janet's role in defying Nirrti's attempts to acquire a sample of Cassandra Fraiser's DNA. Conrad's Goa'uld noted that it was loyal to Nirrti as it had been acquired from one of Nirrti's Jaffa before it was implanted in Conrad. During a conversation with Simmons, it stated that it would actually prefer the body of Simmons's current secretary to Conrad's own, aligning itself a more feminine mentality that its male body is unsuited for. (SG1: "Survival of the Fittest") 

When Teal'c was trapped in the Stargate, he gave Colonel Frank Simmons the information on how to fix the problem. Simmons used this info to try and blackmail Major General George S. Hammond into giving him a Kara kesh. The Goa'uld was eventually captured, along with Simmons, by Colonel Jack O'Neill and Harold Maybourne, who were able to use video recordings of the symbiote's conversations with Simmons to learn how to save Teal'c. (SG1: "48 Hours")

Adrian Conrad's Goa'uld 2

The Goa'uld was released to prevent the rogue NID from destroying the Prometheus and Nevada along with it. After the Goa'uld got the hyperdrive online, he attacked the bridge and took Simmons as its host after Simmons killed Conrad. The Goa'uld itself attacked Colonel Jack O'Neill and Teal'c, but O'Neill managed to kill both it and Simmons by blowing them out of an airlock. (SG1: "Prometheus")


Adrian Conrad's Goa'uld

A number of the cloned symbiotes.

Little did Stargate Command know, Immunitech Research used the symbiote's stem cells to clone more symbiotes, though they would only be strong enough to take over its hosts while they slept during the night, due to their immaturity. This would leave the hosts disorientated and fatigued during the day. The symbiotes would also have no naquadah in their systems, making them undetectable by Teal'c and Major Samantha Carter. It was believed that a lab accident of some sort caused one to take control of their creator, Dr. Richard Flemming and he went on to infect the residents of Steveston, Oregon. The Goa'uld began to build a spaceship in order to leave Earth. They also planned to infiltrate the NID, though thanks to Flemming's vaccine, Carter was able to stop that from happening, and the hosts were freed from the Goa'uld's control. (SG1: "Nightwalkers")

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