Admah was the name of a Lantean City-ship that existed in the Pegasus galaxy on the moon known as MC4-502.


Thousands of years ago, this settlement was once in close communication with Atlantis and was considered one of the great cities of the Ancients. This branch of their civilization was highly developed and had a strong trade base with it being the preferred destination for travelers on leave or visiting dignitaries. In time, its inhabitants developed a taste for entertainment and games which made it one of the foremost vacation spots in the galaxy. However, over time, the inhabitants of Admah began to grow decadent with their games becoming more than simple tournaments while their citizens started seeking even greater acts of excess. This saw the inhabitants of Admah developing a separate culture from their Lantean kin who were more focused on spiritual growth and ascension. When the two societies were not capable of reconciling, the people of Admah decided to enact a plan where they would live in isolation.

This saw the chief scientist Saul create a protocol system within the moon's Stargate which prevented further links after the initial connection between two gates. As a result, journeys to Admah become a one-way trip with anyone travelling being stranded on the moon where the inhabitants became fixated on entertainment. Among these included colosiuem style gladiatorial combat and body reconstruction. In time, travel to the city began to drop and eventually stopped in its entirety. By the time the Wraith emerged, all communication was cut off from Admah though there were attempts at renewing commnications between it and Lantean though all records of these acts were either hidden, deleted or encrypted. In time, all data on Admah became vague to the point that knowledge of it were equal to legend rather than a real record. It was believed that the city was either destroyed by the Wraith or withdrew itself from greater contact from the rest of the galaxy.

When facing the Wraith threat, the city of Admah's protocol system led to only brief invasions that ravaged the settlement though they possessed defenses that defeated the stranded invaders. In order to deter further attacks, the inhabitants left the surface elements of the city while they retreated to the lower levels thus making Admah seem as if it were a ruined city-ship. By this time, the stardrive of the city-ship was melded to the moon itself allowing the vessel to literally move the planetoid if its inhabitants desired. Eventually, the Atlantis database contained a warning about the settlement and all records were sealed to prevent visitors from journeying to it.

On Earth, the legend of Admah would pass into Biblical myth where it was one of the cities destroyed similar to Sodom and Gomorrah. In these stories, the city of Admah was consumed in fire and left a lasting impression on the development of Humans. In 2009, the Atlantis expedition discovered the moon holding Admah had spiralled off its orbit and was falling into its sun leading to Rodney McKay along with his comrades uncovering the existence of the Ancient city. The team traveled there and ended up trapped in the city as a new form of entertainment, but McKay was able to locate the address of M3T-842, a planet that had never been dialed by Admah before or vice versa. The team escaped to the planet through the Stargate and shortly thereafter Admah plunged into the sun, killing all of its inhabitants. This event was witnessed by the Daedalus which broadcast footage back to Atlantis. (SGA: "Brimstone")