Abydos was the second planet reached through Earth's Stargate program (the first being Heliopolis in 1945) and possibly the first world the Goa'uld brought humans to. Abydos is a desert world, using slaves to mine for its deposits of Naquadah. When this world was under the domain of Ra, he forced the human inhabitants to mine it for him up until his eventual defeat and death.

Abydos was later destroyed by Anubis in 2003.

Ra's RuleEdit

Naquadah mine on Abydos2

Naquadah open mine on Abydos

At the time the Tau'ri first reached Abydos, the group researching the Stargate was not certain of its use. The symbols for this world were the first valid gate address they discovered. A team was sent through, headed by Colonel Jack O'Neill, to look for signs of any "possible danger" on the other side. When the Abydonians first met the team, they were friendly, believing the team had been sent by Ra.


The execution Daniel Jackson was going to perform

When Ra returned to Abydos and discovered a Nuclear warhead, he captured the travelers and made plans to send the bomb back to Earth with a Naquadah enhancement. He captured O'Neill and revived Dr. Daniel Jackson, who had been killed in the struggle, with his Sarcophagus. He then told Jackson that unless he executed the rest of the party he would kill him and "all who have seen you."


Abydos from space.

Jackson grudgingly began to carry out the executions, but then turned on Ra and his guards at the last second, allowing him, the team and a group of young Abydonians to escape. Daniel managed to convince the Abydonians that their rulers were not gods and encouraged them to rebel. When Kasuf finally did so, Ra attempted to leave the planet, but O'Neill and Jackson transported the bomb aboard his ship by using the Transportation rings, killing him shortly thereafter.

Jack O'Neill and his men returned to Earth, but Daniel Jackson remained on Abydos. (Stargate)

After Ra's RuleEdit

Abydos Director's Cut

The Abydos pyramid.

After Ra's rule, the Abydonians thought they were free and continued on with their lives with Dr. Daniel Jackson. For over a year, all contact with Earth had been nonexistent until O'Neill returned with a second team to see if attacks on Earth in 1997 were from Abydos. After finding out that the attacks were not based from Abydos, Daniel Jackson showed the team a Cartouche containing a map of Stargate addresses etched into a structure's wall. Immediately after this, the unknown aggressors who arrived on Earth (commanded by Apophis) arrived at Abydos and killed or injured many Abydonians and Major Louis Ferretti. Daniel Jackson then decided to return to Earth to help save the captured Sha're and Skaara, commanding the other Abydonians to bury the Stargate for one year until his return. (SG1: "Children of the Gods")

Mothership destroys Abydos

The destruction of Abydos

In 1998, after escaping Hadante, Linea hacked into Stargate Command's computer system and dialed Abydos to escape on her own. (SG1: "Prisoners")

This may have been a reuse of the Abydos address from prior in the series. Whether it was meant for her to go to Abydos or not is unknown.

In 2003, Abydos was destroyed by Anubis and its inhabitants killed when Anubis' mothership destroyed the planet with the Eyes of the Goa'uld with Anubis presumably using the planet as a means of testing his new superweapon. However, despite the planet being destroyed, Oma Desala was able to help the Abydonians ascend. Oma Desala also briefly preserved the Stargate and a survivable area of the planet around it so that SG-1 could safely return to Earth. (SG1: "Full Circle")

Indigenous animalsEdit


An indigenous animal that lived on Abydos.

A species resembling a camel but woolly, known as a Mastadge, was indigenous to Abydos and was domesticated by the Abydonian people to serve their needs as transportation and possibly food. There was also a lizard-like animal that Daniel Jackson commented that it tasted like chicken.



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Behind the scenesEdit

  • The scenes on Abydos in the feature film were filmed in California and Yuma, Arizona. For the series, new footage of Abydos was filmed in Vancouver, Canada, where the show is filmed.
  • The planet was not given a name in the original film. The name "Abydos" seems to have originated from Bill McCay's novel series. In real life, Abydos is an Egyptian city.
  • In the movie Abydos is placed in the Kaliem Galaxy though its gate address only has seven chevrons. In Stargate SG-1 and Stargate: Atlantis, where eight chevrons are required to reach a gate in another galaxy, Abydos is located in the Milky Way, and is in fact among the closest planets to Earth in the network. The fan explanation is simply an error in the primitive gate interface caused it to calculate the destination improperly in the film, or that Kaliem is supposedly a sector of the Milky Way.
  • In "Children of the Gods", Daniel states that the Gate is guarded "36 hours a day", which implies that the Abydonian solar cycle lasts 36 hours (if not more).
  • The gate address for Abydos was reused many times in the series.


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