A pair of AGM 65-G Maverick missiles.

"We're gonna co-ordinate a missile attack on the Jaffa at the Gate..."
Daniel Jackson[src]

The AGM 65-G Maverick is a type of missile in use by the Tau'ri.

In 2004, a pair of these missiles were fired through the Stargate at Stargate Command in an attack to incapacitate Jaffa loyal to Moloc guarding the Stargate on Hak'tyl ll. The missiles were laser-guided, being locked onto the Jaffa and Moloc by Aron, resulting in their death. (SG1: "Sacrifices")


Behind the ScenesEdit

The Maverick 65-G air to ground missile is similar to the D model; both are equipped with an IFR (infrared) targeting system. The SGC however specially modified these to also have the LG (laser guided) targeting systems as well. The G model has a heavier “Penetrator” warhead taken from the Maverick E, compared to the D model's shaped-charge warhead.

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