"Twilight Bark? "Hundred and One Dalmatians?" Didn't you guys see that movie? My kids love it."
Bill Lee[src]

Bill Lee's drawing that he compares to the "twilight bark"

101 Dalmatians was a children's novel and later animated movie from Earth that featured the search of a canine couple (Pongo and Perdita) for their kidnapped puppies. The "Twilight Bark" helped them find the lost puppies (along with scores of others) in the mansion of a villain named Cruella De Vil. Dr. Bill Lee's children love the movie. When the Goa'uld infiltrated Atlantis and rigged the Zero Point Module to overload the next time the city dialed Earth, Lee and a team planned to send a team to P4M-399, which would send a subspace communication to the Daedalus, who would then relay the warning to Atlantis. Lee cited the "twilight bark" as a comparison. However, none of the fellow scientists understood what he meant, so he cited the signal fires from The Lord of the Rings. (SGA: "Critical Mass")

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