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It's my honour to welcome you to Icarus Base. riley Dr. Sims.Jack, Minor explosions because they are under attack from the Goa'uld.Young: We don't know what's on the other side! Damn it Rush!: I need to get these people out of here. Maryann Wallace (or Marion Wallace) Reginald Greer, deceased; Angela GreerFormerly in a relationship with Everett Young, her senior officer and a married man

Det kan också vara de sista resterna av en civilisation och nyckeln till att ta reda på exakt vad som hände här sir.

rapporterar att de sändes till en annan planet, tolv tusen ljusår från 584.

I don’t think we’re done, sir.

26 year oldm-scott (In the corridor, Matthews and the scientists float off the ground as the shield edge races towards them, then passes them. Rodney, John and Teyla stare at the screen in horror as, in quick succession, the three life signs signatures on the screen go out. A moment later, the message “BIO SIGNATURES TERMINATED” appears. John, Rodney and Teyla gaze at the screen in sorrow for a few seconds.) Really? They should have beaten you there. Actually, hey, how are you dialling us? M12-578 doesn’t have a Gate. It’s off the grid. you’ve a big one on your left. Oh, my! That’s -- that’s beautiful.

CARTER: Yeah, it is.-planet lifeline Besides the large, particularly venomous snake-like creature that inhabits the mainland-lifeline Back when Colonel Maybourne was running our off world op, we found a tablet written in the language of the Ancients. It described a large cache of weapons and technology hidden in a secret location. Colonel Simmons wanted it bad. Only problem was we couldn't translate the coordinates.

While in the service of Apophis, many Jaffa were killed in the manner Dr. Fraiser has described while working in the naquadah mines of Kawawn. Apophis ordered the mines sealed, and when the tunnels were opened days later, only a single Ashrak was found. Only one had killed so many.

Jag upptäckte länder på planeter hela galaxen. Vissa har varit inaktiv under de senaste tiotusen åren - jag antar att invänta instruktioner från antiken - men vissa har lyckats utveckla på egen hand, även blomstra. (Han suckar sorgset.) Vissa har förstörts av kriget, och andra har helt utplånats. Pre-FTL kan Hayden Thornton är vårt folks största nu levande poet. Han är bland de du lagrat i enheten. Vår största vetenskapsmän, Torrell och Barnum, lagras i här också, tillsammans med tvåhundra barn. Du måste lova mig

Dr Brent Langham.

Dr. Singh, Dr. Healey,

   When the mimic devices were first brought to Area 51, a team of eight scientists was assigned to study them. The Pentagon was hoping to be able to adapt the devices for use in the field. However, while the original holographic images that were created by the aliens seemed to last indefinitely, those that were created by the scientists in the lab were only sustainable for three to four minutes at a time due to problems with electromagnetic interference. So the project was scaled back, and five of the original team members were reassigned. The remaining three were Dr. Singh, Dr. Healey, and this fellow…Dr. Brent Langham.

[Jonas clicks the remote, and Dr. Langham's personnel file appears on the screen, including a head shot of him. He is a dark haired man.]

   They continued working on the devices for another six months with no new breakthroughs. Finally, the entire project was shut down, and uh, Dr. Healey and Dr. Singh were transferred to the X-303 project.

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