Stargate SG-1: The DVD Collection is a magazine where each issue comes with a DVD of 3 to 4 chronological episodes.

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  • Access classified personnel files on all SGC members - O'Neill's military file, Teal'c's family background, Daniel's medical report and Sam's relationship history. Full details on all the allies and enemies. Plus, a mission report for every episode, written in the voice of the SG-1 team.
  • Increase your SG-1 knowledge with these in-depth technical analysis reports, focusing on a different alien technology or scientific theory every time.
  • Step behind the scenes to find out how it's done - special and visual effects, stunts and interviews.
  • Full breakdown of all the alien weapons, ships and other devices. With technical notes and detailed blueprints.
  • SGC unmasks the System Lords behind ancient gods and godesses, and makes the connection between their legendary reputation and Goa'uld behavior.
  • Unravel the complicated relationships between the Goa'uld, Tok'ra and Jaffa. Find out which aliens are evolved from humans and follow SGC timelines of events.
  • Every issue contains extra-large, detailed artworks for you to discover and collect. Pour over hand-drawn blueprints of The Asgard, ancient maps and plans from across the universe, plus hieroglyphs, relics and unknown alien lexicons.
  • Each issue comes with a glossary which builds into your complete A-Z of everything in the Stargate universe.

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