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At this point in the progression of the Seasons of Stargate SG-1, the show was supposed to end[1], to be replaced with the spin-off series Stargate Atlantis, which begins where the SG-1 Season 7 left off. However, SG-1 was not cancelled. From Season 8 onwards, however, there are frequent references to the plot, or at least the pilot, of Stargate Atlantis. All that needs to be understood is that the Lost City of the Ancients was indeed found - a city called Atlantis (which founded the Earth-based myth) - on a planet in the Pegasus Galaxy which requires a ZPM to reach.

Pic Title Original Airdate #
150px New Order (Part 1) July 9, 2004 801
Sam and Teal'c go to find Thor, who is guarding the Replicators, which escape. Three System Lords meet with the SGC after their defeat of Anubis. Sam is abducted by Fifth. O'Neill is awakened and creates a device of Ancient design.
150px New Order (Part 2) July 9, 2004 802
Orilla is saved from Replicators when Jack uses his Ancient device but some Replicators escape after Sam is released in Fifth's goodwill. Jack is promoted to the position of Brigadier General in place of Weir and Hammond.
150px Lockdown July 23, 2004 803
An outbreak of disease is in fact the effect of possession by the ethereal remains of Anubis. Anubis escapes the SGC through the Stargate, though Sam alters his destination to a frozen, barren planet.
150px Zero Hour July 30, 2004 804
When SG-1 goes missing, Ba'al demands a ransom. Camulus gives the SGC a ZPM, but it is booby trapped. Camulus makes a deal to return to Ba'al on an assassination mission. Ba'al was bluffing: SG-1 returns late from their mission.
150px Icon August 6, 2004 805
[[Daniel Jackson|Daniel]] is trapped offworld when an outbreak of civil war occurs. Daniel manages to coordinate a secret strategic attack from the SGC by sending a radio message through the Stargate in Goa'uld, and is later rescued.
150px Avatar August 13, 2004 806
Teal'c's is trapped in a VR-training machine that delivers ever increasing electrical shocks when he fails his objectives. Teal'c is in danger of cardiac arrest so [[Daniel Jackson|Daniel]] enters the game in an attempt to save Teal'c and together they win.
150px Affinity August 20, 2004 807
Teal'c moves into an off-base apartment where he becomes involved with Krista, his neighbor, who has an abusive boyfriend, Teal'c is charged with his murder and [[Daniel Jackson|Daniel]] disappears while trying to prove Teal'c innocent.
150px Covenant August 27, 2004 808
When businessman Alec Colson discovers proof of extra-terrestrial life, the SGC has no choice but to divulge their secrets to him.
150px Sacrifices September 10, 2004 809
Rya'c plans to marry a woman of the Hak'tyl which makes Teal'c angry. Ishta brings the Haktyl to the SGC because they have been compromised. Carter attempts to find a suitable planet for them. Moloc captures Ishta.
150px Endgame September 17, 2004 810
Having recently acquired the Tok'ra symbiote poison, The Trust plans to steal the stargate and eliminate the Jaffa.
150px Gemini January 21, 2005 811
RepliCarter informs SGC that Fifth has granted all Replicators immunity to Jack's disruptor, and promises to help them modify the weapon. In fact her presence was needed to develop the immunity. She destroys Fifth, and escapes.
150px Prometheus Unbound January 28, 2005 812
Prometheus's crew are incapacitated and removed, save [[Daniel Jackson|Daniel]], when it is hijacked by Vala, a pirate. Vala wishes to trade the ship for Naqahdah, but Daniel succeeds in retaking control of the ship although Vala escapes.
150px It's Good to Be King February 4, 2005 813
SG-1 finds that Harry Maybourne has become King on the planet where he took forced retirement. The planet is now under a Goa'uld threat, but Maybourne has found writings by a time-traveling Ancient that prophesy SG-1 will defeat Ares.
150px Full Alert February 11, 2005 814
Russia and the United States reach DEFCON 1 because Goa'uld may have compromised both governments via The Trust which has been entirely assimilated. War is avoided, though Robert Kinsey, now a Goa'uld, escapes.
150px Citizen Joe February 18, 2005 815
A man with the ATA Gene has his life ruined when through an Ancient device, he begins to have visions of whatever Jack O'Neill does. His life is given back to him when O'Neill informs his nearly-divorced wife of what had been going on.
150px Reckoning (Part 1) February 25, 2005 816
Teal'c is preparing the Jaffa rebellion to capture Dakara. [[Daniel Jackson|Daniel]] is abducted by RepliCarter so she can discover the location of the Dakara Superweapon in his subconscious. Ba'al also moves his forces to Dakara by the order of Anubis.
150px Reckoning (Part 2) March 4, 2005 817
Daniel Jackson|Daniel]] has discovered a way to halt the Replicators long enough for Sam and Ba'al, to use a combination of the device that dials every gate in the galaxy and the Superweapon to destroy all Replicators, but RepliCarter kills [[Daniel Jackson.
150px Threads March 11, 2005 818
Daniel Jackson must choose death or powerless Ascension whilst Anubis plans to end all life in the galaxy using the Dakara Superweapon until Oma Desala stops him. Jacob Carter and Selmak die. Daniel is returned to human form on Earth.
150px Moebius (Part 1) March 18, 2005 819
SG-1 uses an Ancient Puddle Jumper to time-travel back to ancient Egypt to recover a ZPM to help Atlantis. However, by forcing Ra to leave with the Stargate at Giza, they alter the future and the SGC doesn't exist.
150px Moebius (Part 2) March 25, 2005 820
An alternate-reality SG-1 must go back in time and fix the past to save the future. In the process, the team must re-recruit Teal'c and find the real Daniel Jackson, who is still in ancient Egypt. Jack and Carter express their love.

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