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Pic Title Original Airdate #
150px Fallen (Part 1) June 13, 2003 701
Jackson is found living on an alien planet but he has total amnesia. Nevertheless he helps SG-1 to destroy Anubis's superweapon.
150px Homecoming (Part 2) June 13, 2003 702
Anubis attacks Kelowna and SG-1 must come up with a plan to save them.
150px Fragile Balance June 20, 2003 703
O'Neill wakes up one morning to find himself 30 years younger, much to the annoyance of the Colonel. It is soon learned that the same process that caused him to get younger is also causing him to die.
150px Orpheus June 27, 2003 704
Teal'c is shot by a Jaffa as they retreat through the gate and his self-confidence is greatly wounded. Meanwhile, Jackson remembers where Ry'ac and Bra'tac are held prisoner and Teal'c must regain his confidence if they are to be saved.
150px Revisions July 11, 2003 705
P3X-289 has a toxic atmosphere but there is a forcefield dome protecting an idyllic village. That is, idyllic except for the fact that it's inhabitants are disappearing one by one without noticing it themselves.
150px Lifeboat July 18, 2003 706
SG-1 find a crashed spaceship and Jackson has multiple consciousnesses implanted in his mind.
150px Enemy Mine July 25, 2003 707
SGC have found a planet with rich deposits of Naqahdah but the local population of Unas do not welcome the mining team.
150px Space Race August 1, 2003 708
Carter helps Warrick to enter his spaceship in a dangerous race, the prize is a lucrative contract.
150px Avenger 2.0 August 8, 2003 709
Felger is about to be fired and desperate to persuade Hammond to give him another chance. He invents a computer virus able to deactivate a stargate. However the virus spreads on its own and the entire network is shut down.
150px Birthright August 15, 2003 710
SG-1 meet a group of all female Jaffa who have set up their own rebel base.
150px Evolution (Part 1) August 22, 2003 711
Teal'c and Bra'tac are attacked by a black armoured warrior who is found to be a human Goa'uld mutant created by Anubis. Jackson visits Honduras to find a hidden artifact which may hold the key to defeating them.
150px Evolution (Part 2) January 9, 2004 712
O'Neill goes to Honduras to rescue Jackson and in the meantime Carter, Jacob/Selmak and Teal'c must destroy the facility where Anubis is creating the new warriors.
150px Grace January 16, 2004 713
Carter is on Prometheus while the ship is on its way to earth, and is attacked from a spaceship of a type they have never seen before. They try to escape by hiding in a nebula but all the crew except Carter disappear.
150px Fallout January 23, 2004 714
Jonas informs SGC that Naqahdriah is created in a catalytic reaction and the process is ongoing on Kelowna. If the reaction goes deep enough, heat and pressure will destabilise the Naquadria and it will blow the planet apart.
150px Chimera January 30, 2004 715
Osiris has been visiting Jackson by night and using a mind control device to try and find the Lost City of the Ancients. SG-1 decide to attempt to capture her. However, Carter's new boyfriend Pete might get in the way.
150px Death Knell February 6, 2004 716
The Alpha Site, where a prototype anti-supersoldier weapon is being created, is attacked by one of Anubis's drones, Carter escapes but she is on her own and the drone is hunting her.
150px Heroes (Part 1) February 13, 2004 717
A film crew arrive at SGC to make a documentary but find their welcome less than enthusiastic.
150px Heroes (Part 2) February 20, 2004 718
Help is sent to rescue of an SG member who is unable to get to the gate. However, on the mission, a member of the SGC is killed.
150px Resurrection February 27, 2004 719
SGC find the base of a rogue NID operation which has been attempting to mix the DNA of humans and Goa'uld, but all the agents except one have been killed.
150px Inauguration March 5, 2004 720
A new President has been elected and must be briefed on the Stargate Program. However, as usual, Senator Kinsey has his own agenda.
Lost City SG-1 Lost City (Part 1) March 12, 2004 721
The SGC locates a Repository of the Ancients and when Anubis attacks O'Neill downloads their knowledge into his brain again. Finally, Bra'tac warns SG-1 that Anubis plans an attack on Earth. Hammond is replaced Dr. Elizabeth Weir.
Lost city part 2 (Stargate SG-1) Lost City (Part 2) March 19, 2004 722
As Anubis' fleet arrives, SG-1 flies to a planet with an Ancient outpost where they locate another outpost in Antarctica back on Earth. From there O'Neill is able to destroy Anubis' fleet using the Ancient weapon.
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