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Imagen Titulo Fecha #
150px Redención (Parte, 1) 7 de Junio de 2002 6x01
Anubis has found an ancient weapon capable of destroying the Stargate and Earth along with it by slowly building up an overcharge of energy in its superconducting ring.
150px Redemption (Part 2) June 14, 2002 602
Jonas comes up with a plan to prevent the Stargate from destroying the Earth. Meanwhile, Teal'c is preparing to attack the planet on which Anubis's weapon is based.
150px Descent June 21, 2002 603
SG-1 attempts to salvage a Goa'uld mothership which has been mysteriously abandoned in space near Earth. Unfortunately, the ship crashes in the ocean, and SG-1 later discover that Thor's consciousness is still in the central computer.
150px Frozen June 28, 2002 604
The Antarctic team investigating the site where the second Stargate was found discovers a frozen Ancient, and subsequently, the team starts to suffer the effects of a deadly virus.
150px Nightwalkers July 12, 2002 605
Bizarre activity in small-town America prove to be the result of Goa'uld activity.
150px Abyss July 19, 2002 606
O'Neill has been captured by Ba'al but is being held in a fortress too well protected for SGC to help. However, Jonas believes that Lord Yu might be persuaded to lend assistance.
150px Shadow Play July 26, 2002 607
The Kelownan government contacts the SGC offering to exchange Naquadria for advanced technology. Jonas' old professor asks him to help a resistance that might not even exist.
150px The Other Guys August 2, 2002 608
Dr. Felger worships SG-1, and when he has the chance to rescue them from a Goa'uld mothership, he doesn't hesitate.
150px Allegiance August 9, 2002 609
The Jaffa rebellion, the Tok'ra and the SGC are temporarily forced to share the Alpha Site when the Tok'ra are attacked. Unfortunately, suspicion between the Tok'ra and the Jaffa turns hostile when a series of bodies are discovered.
150px Cure August 16, 2002 610
SG-1 is negotiating with a friendly world that is offering a wonder drug called Tretonin in exchange for gate addresses, but SG-1 cannot understand why they want the addresses to Goa'uld homeworlds despite SG-1's warnings.
150px Prometheus (Part 1) August 23, 2002 611
A reporter has information about the Stargate Program and threatens to broadcast it on television. The SGC offers a deal to allow her access to the Prometheus on the condition that nothing is aired until the Stargate Program is made public.
Unnatural selection (Stargate SG-1) Unnatural Selection (Part 2) January 10, 2003 612
The Asgard have called all the Replicators in the galaxy to one planet, but unfortunately, the time dilation device which was meant to trap them on the planet has failed to activate and the Asgard want SG-1 to find out why.
150px Sight Unseen January 17, 2003 613
On a deserted planet, SG-1 discovers a piece of Ancient technology, but, when it is moved to Earth for study, people begin to have inexplicable hallucinations.
150px Smoke & Mirrors January 24, 2003 614
Senator Kinsey is shot, and all the evidence seems to show that O'Neill was the assassin.
150px Paradise Lost January 31, 2003 615
Maybourne offers to help the SGC find a cache of advanced alien weapons, but he is not telling them everything he knows.
Metamorphosis (Stargate SG-1) Metamorphosis February 7, 2003 616
The Russian team discovers a planet on which Nirtti has been experimenting on the human population to create the perfect host.
150px Disclosure February 14, 2003 617
The Americans and the Russians reveal the existence of the Stargate to the Chinese, French, and British governments. Senator Kinsey tries to use the meeting to hijack the Program, but Hammond has a card up his sleeve.
150px Forsaken February 21, 2003 618
SG-1 finds a wrecked spacecraft, the crew of which have been fighting off the aggressive natives of the planet ever since they crashed - or so they claim.
150px The Changeling February 28, 2003 619
Teal'c finds himself swapping between different realities, and only Jackson seems to have any continuity.
150px Memento March 7, 2003 620
On its maiden flight, the Prometheus's reactor overloads, and SG-1 must find the Stargate buried on an alien planet in order to obtain spare parts from Earth.
150px Prophecy March 14, 2003 621
SG-1 finds a planet where the population worship Ba'al and work in the mines to provide his representative "Lord Mot" with a tribute of Naquidah. SG-1 intends to stop him, but things get complicated when Jonas starts seeing visions that could kill him.
150px Full Circle March 21, 2003 622
Daniel Jackson contacts Jack O'Neill and tells him that Anubis has located the Eye of Ra, an enormously powerful weapon. SG-1 must get the Eye from Abydos, before Anubis. Anubis appears over the planet and threatens to destroy it.|}