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Pic Title Original Airdate #
150px Into the Fire (Part 2) June 25, 1999 301
The SGC send a rescue mission to Hathor's base to retrieve SG-1, and Jack kills Hathor. By using Tok'ra tunnels already present on the planet, SG-1 escape and return home.
150px Seth July 2, 1999 302
A Goa'uld named Seth has lived on Earth for thousands of years and now is the leader of a dangerous cult. SG-1 use zats to overcome the cult member's brainwashing, and in the ensuing rescue, Seth is killed by Carter.
150px Fair Game July 9, 1999 303
The Asgard warn the SGC that the Goa'uld plan an attack on Earth. So SG-1 with the help of the Asgard negotiate with three Goa'uld System Lords to bring Earth into the Protected Planets Treaty.
150px Legacy July 16, 1999 304
SG-1 find the skeletons of several humans and symbiotes, on their return Jackson show signs of schizophrenia. The cause is a Goa'uld-killer of Ma'chello's (having a strange effect on a non-Goa'uld), and the devices are neutralised.
150px Learning Curve July 23, 1999 305
SG-1 visit a planet where knowledge is harvested through its children. O'Neill and Carter have a profound effect on them, and many begin to 'learn the old way'.
150px Point of View July 30, 1999 306
Using the mirror from "There But For the Grace of God", an alternate Carter and Kawalsky come to the SGC from an Earth that has been invaded by the Goa'uld. SG-1 save the alternate reality by contacting the Asgard there.
150px Deadman Switch August 6, 1999 307
SG-1 is captured by a bounty hunter who uses them to help catch a Tok'ra. The Goa'uld have his race addicted to a drug that can be supplied only by them, but he repents at the last moment and asks Sam to help free him from the drug.
150px Demons August 13, 1999 308
SG-1 visits a planet ruled by a Goa'uld-infested Unas, who uses the persona of the Devil to keep the residents ruled by fear. They free the people of the 'devil' and instruct them to bury the Stargate.
150px Rules of Engagement August 20, 1999 309
SG-1 discovers a planet where Apophis was training human slaves to infiltrate the SGC. SG-1 show them footage of Apophis dying, and they all renounce him as a false god.
150px Forever in a Day October 8, 1999 310
After being found [[Daniel Jackson|Daniel]]'s wife is killed by Teal'c to prevent the Goa'uld controlling her from killing Daniel. Jackson then starts seeing visions of a residual thought transferred to him by Sha're in the last moments - he must find her son.
150px Past and Present October 15, 1999 311
Ke'ra, an offworlder (actually Linnea from "Prisoners") has tried to slow the aging process but a side-effect has wiped everyone's memories. Linnea is now a different person, and Jackson persuades her not to take a memory-recall drug.
150px Jolinar's Memories (Part 1) October 22, 1999 312
Jacob/Selmak have been captured by Sokar. Jolinar was the only person ever to escape from Sokar's home moon and Sam has residual memories of the method. SG-1 are captured, and discover that Apophis controls the moon.
150px The Devil You Know (Part 2) October 29, 1999 313
SG-1 manage to escape from Netu with Jacob and Selmak and make it back to Earth, using a Tok'ra bomb that blows up the moon and destroys Sokar's ship, killing Sokar with it. Apophis, however, escapes, and has risen again.
150px Foothold November 5, 1999 314
Stargate Command is under alien control, and they can look and act just like us. Major Carter must ask an old adversary to help her retake the base.
150px Pretense January 21, 2000 315
Skaara/Klorel crash lands on Tollana and the Tollan invite SG-1 to represent Skaara in a trial to decide which has most right to use the body, ultimately the body is Skaara's. Lya of the Nox and SG-1 prevent a Goa'uld attack on Tollana.
150px Urgo January 28, 2000 316
The members of SG-1 are implanted with an AI named Urgo. They manage to rectify the problem by visiting Urgo's creator, who implants Urgo in himself instead to improve his personality.
150px A Hundred Days February 4, 2000 317
A friendly planet will be destroyed by meteorite bombardment. SGC move most of the population to another planet but O'Neill is trapped. SG-1 use a particle beam to breach the iris that formed over the offworld gate, and retrieve O'Neill.
150px Shades of Grey February 11, 2000 318
After stealing technology from the Tollan, Jack O'Neill is forced to retire. He joins a rogue SG team to obtain technology by any means. However, Jack was actually on a secret mission as a double-agent to find and capture the rogues.
150px New Ground February 18, 2000 319
SG-1 visit a planet in the middle of a Cold War and are mistaken for infiltrators. They are captured on the side which they have just proved wrong (they believe a Goa'uld created humans on their world). With the help of a local, SG-1 escape.
150px Maternal Instinct February 25, 2000 320
Jackson knows that the Harcesis is on a planet called Kheb, Bra'tac knows how to get there. They find a Zen monk who teaches Daniel about the ways of Ascension and an Ascended being (Oma Desala) saves the child.
150px Crystal Skull March 3, 2000 321
SG-1 find a Mayan ziggurat, inside is a crystal skull that makes Daniel a 'ghost'. Daniel's grandfather Nick found a similar skull in Belize and helps out. When they return to the planet giant aliens arrive and return Daniel to normality.
150px Nemesis (Part 1) March 10, 2000 322
Thor's starship, which has been infected by replicators. In order to keep it from landing on earth SG-1 disable the deceleration engines so the ship burns up in the atmosphere and crashes in the pacific - but one replicator remains.
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