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Filming of the rest of Season 10 of SG-1 is ongoing; details about episodes which have not aired yet (such as title, synopsis, and order) are subject to change.

Pic Title Original Airdate #
150px Flesh and Blood July 14, 2006 1001
As the Ori invade the Jaffa planet Chulak, Vala and [[Daniel Jackson|Daniel]] must deal with their leader: Vala's young daughter Adria, rapidly aged by the Ori to serve their purposes.
150px Morpheus July 21,2006 1002
The team goes off-world and ends up in a mess of trouble. Meanwhile, Landry is faced with having to decide whether or not Vala can be trusted to remain at the SGC.
Stargate SG-1 - 10x03 The Pegasus Project July 28,2006 1003
SG-1 visits Atlantis in the hopes of finding a new lead on Merlin's weapon (which can be used to destroy ascended beings) and dealing with the Supergate. They find more than they ever expected.
150px Insiders August 4,2006 1004
Ba'al contacts the SGC and asks them to capture his rebellious clones, in exchange he offers information about the whereabouts of Merlins's weapon. In the meantime, SG-1 is trying to figure out which Ba'al is the real one.
150px Uninvited August 11,2006 1005
A creature appears on off-world planets visited by SG teams and wreaks havoc. Things get worse when another creature appears in the woods on Earth where Mitchell and Landry are spending some "quality time".
150px 200 August 18,2006 1006
Martin Lloyd contacts the SGC, looking for their assistance in writing a feature movie to follow up Wormhole X-treme, and General Jack O'Neill makes a return.
Stargate SG-1 - 10x07 Counterstrike August 25,2006 1007
Deadly battles erupt between the Ori, led by Adria, and the Jaffa, after 100,000 villagers are wiped out by a powerful energy wave which Adria believes was SG-1's doing. She captures [[Daniel Jackson|Daniel]] and Vala and uses her powers against them to determine the nature of the weapon.
No Screenshot Memento Mori September 8, 2006 1008
Vala takes a job as a waitress, after having a meal one night and then trying to get away without paying. The fact is, she's completely forgotten who she is or why she's here - and she begins piecing herself back together.
150px Company of Thieves September 15, 2006 1009
Cameron Mitchell infiltrates the Lucian Alliance to save his friends from being crossfire in a deadly civil war.
150px The Quest (Part 1) September 22, 2006 1010
SG-1 continues its search for the anti-Ori weapon, whilst Ba'al appears to be one step ahead of them. They visit a medieval world where they have to pass a series of tests... which none have ever passed.
150px The Quest (Part 2) TBA 1011
The Quest continues for the anti-Ori weapon, with Ba'al continuing to keep up the chase, culminating in the disappearance of one of the team.
150px Line In The Sand TBA 1012
SG-1 is trying to save a village from a prior and his followers by making it invisible with one of Merlin's devices.
150px The Road Not Taken TBA 1013
Carter ends up in an alternate universe and proceeds to change the course of things in that universe.
150px The Shroud TBA 1014
SG-1 is stunned to discover that their own teammate, Daniel Jackson, has been turned into a Prior of the Ori.
150px Bounty TBA 1015
Cameron Mitchell finds himself the target of an alien bounty hunter, who tracks him and Vala to his high school reunion.
150px Bad Guys TBA 1016 ?
Trapped on a planet, the team must pretend to be volatile "bad guys" while trying to find a way home as they hold the police at bay
150px Talion TBA 1017 ?
A former pupil of Teal'c's has turned to the way of Origin and caused the destruction of a Jaffa Council, killing several innocent woman and children, prompting Teal'c to go on a single-minded quest for revenge.